Imagine teaching or presenting your work at the Porto Yoga Festival? It is possible. 

How it works:

Contact us using the form below . We are happy to schedule a telephone meeting and talk to you to clarify.

We are committed to supporting new Yoga teachers who have decided that the time has come to make their work more visible.

We also accept proposals in other areas, such as dance, food, sustainability, art, lectures and music.

  • Community – We are looking for teachers who want to be part of theLisbon Yoga Festival and help the Festival and all other teachers to grow.
  • Excellence – We areinterested in your passion, quality of teaching, commitment, personal practice and how Yoga is part of your life.
  • Independence – We are an Independent Festival and we support all Yoga Schools, Associations and Federations.
  • Diversity -We welcome all teachers, whatever their background, school or Tradition.
  • Actuality – We believe that Tradition and Modernity complement each other in Yoga.
  • Social Awareness – Yoga is for everyone, if you are a teacher of special populations, teaching minorities or at-risk groups get in touch with us.


We are always looking for outstanding and talented volunteers who are available to support the project with motivation, work, collaboration, talent and wisdom.

All volunteers have two options: help before the event by becoming team members and participating in event preparation tasks; or assisting with specific tasks on the days of the event.

If you would like to be part of our community and team, follow these steps:

  • Know well about our event to decide if you fit into it;
  • Submit your current and short bio resume, withsocial media links and a proposal on how you can help using the form below ;
  • Beavailable for a telephone meeting.